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Theory of change

Impact Objective

Horizon Events is committed to advancing AI safety with a primary focus on mitigating catastrophic and existential risks associated with advanced AI systems. Our mission is to foster a robust and proactive AI safety community that is well-equipped to address these critical challenges while also being inclusive of broader AI risks. By promoting research, collaboration, and the development of safety measures, we aim to enhance the resilience and preparedness of the AI safety field, ensuring safer AI practices on a global scale.

Outcome goals

To achieve this impact, we focus on specific, measurable outcomes:
1. Increased Engagement: Measure growth in AI safety event participation and diversity of disciplines involved.
2. Enhanced Collaborations: Track new interdisciplinary research collaborations and partnerships.
3. Improved Participant Outcomes: Utilize post-event surveys to assess satisfaction and derived value.
4. Expanded Access and Awareness: Monitor traffic and interactions with the AI Safety Events Tracker and knowledge base.
5. Integration into Mainstream R&D: Evaluate the presence of AI safety topics in broader AI research and industry discussions.


These outcomes are driven by tangible outputs, including:
- Engagement Metrics: Annual count of organized events and engaged researchers.
- Collaboration Metrics: Number of research collaborations initiated.
- Satisfaction Metrics: Average ratings and qualitative feedback from event participants.
- Resource Utilization Metrics: User traffic and engagement with online resources.


Outputs are achieved through:
- Event Organization: Managing and hosting series such as the AI Safety Unconference and Provably Safe AI Seminars.
- Service and Partnership Provision: Offering tailored event management services to the AI safety community.
- Resource Development: Curating and updating the AI Safety Events and Training newsletter and database, and developing a comprehensive knowledge base.


The activities are supported by:
- Financial Resources: Secured through grants, sponsorships, and service revenues.
- Expertise: Drawn from a team skilled in AI safety and event management.
-Collaborative Networks: Built through partnerships with key AI safety stakeholders.
- Technological Support: Essential for managing and disseminating event-related information efficiently.

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